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Welcome to enda lettere, an irregularly published newsletter about words, walks, and landscapes.

I firmly believe that in an exceedingly loud world there is a need for an understated expression of stillness and slow thought; that asking the question “why?” is probably better than having filter coffee and croissants for breakfast. 

Originally started as a makeshift field diary of a long walk through Scandinavia in the summer of 2019, enda lettere expanded into a series of exercises in looking closely. And quiet walks tend to lead one back to oneself and with unerring, still attention, one happens upon words. then the words want out; it is in their nature. This is enda lettere now; a collage of stories, images, musings, questioning, thinking, ideation, intertextuality, but not always the high-brow stuff1.

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“Sturm und Drang is my bread and butter.” 

I’m Nora Selmeczi, cultural strategist, editor, and your guide in this space.

Ever since my weird childhood, I’ve been fascinated with maps and stories. having spent my entire adult life grappling with difficult concepts, texts, and colleagues under fluorescent lights and in dark screening rooms, I first started walking to escape everyday drudgery.

There was the once glorious Central European city I grew up in, and I kept roaming its streets in an attempt to uncover its secrets. I marveled at façades, shadows, and light. Slowly, walking became my ritual to make sense of the world around me, discovering a different reality beyond daily routines. And as I crept beyond the city walls, I realized with dread: I had already ventured beyond the point of no return.

Walking set my entire life as I’ve known it ablaze, and I no longer desired to write about cinema for obscure publications (mostly the journals of the Hungarian National Film Archive), nor to produce white papers about trends in a society of hyper fragmented tastes (mostly at the largest global media agency).

These days you’ll most likely find me at my desk in South London, where I build better workflows and strategies for small businesses and write about culture.

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although my deadcrush are Ludwig Wittgenstein and Virginia Woolf. you’ve been warned!

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a newsletter for readers in pursuit of stillness.


Sturm und Drang is my bread and butter. Central European through and through. Unexpectedly in London.